Pineapple Kush


THC 17%, CBD 0%


Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is more of an Indica strain however, it manages to maintain a respectable level of Sativa as well.

According to growers Alaska Precision totals a THC count number of up to 17 percent and tastes exactly as the call could imply.

Pineapple Kush cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics have been especially evolving for their beneficial consequences on the thoughts and body.

This awesome plant has been produced through breeding the especially potent ‘OG Kush’ with the extraordinarily tasty ‘Pineapple’.


After you take your first puff of Pineapple Kush cannabis strain, you can expect a wave of pure euphoria.

This type of mental rush and fashionable right vibes feels very similar to a Sativa. But this sense will mellow and stabilize, to be replaced with those special indica feelings.

As with most powerful indica strains, you could assume to feel extreme munchies rapidly after this indica sensation kicks in.

Make sure you keep a few snackable foods on hand to help satiate this hunger, as it can become nearly insufferable if ignored.

The relaxation of the high is what you would expect from an indica hybrid of its caliber.

You will continue to be locked on your nearest, maximum snug sofa, unable to move something past eating.

You won’t completely pass out, but you will feel barely hazy and not quite with it, almost as in case you are in a slowly waking dream.

Though these consequences sound quite standard, Pineapple Kush makes up for it with its severe taste and aroma.

Just because it is a somewhat everyday indica stress doesn’t suggest it doesn’t flavor amazing.

Medical Benefits of Pineapple Kush Strain

A strain that ought to be good for night time use, though highly the stress is not frequently sought after via insomniacs as maximum do not feel worn-out from Pineapple Kush.

The effective body melt can be powerful ache relief. It may additionally calm muscle spasms and nausea.

Some patients use these effects to assist them to fight their eating disorders.

The robust cerebral effects are a welcome relief for those who are having stress, tension, and melancholy related disorders

Pineapple Kush

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