Gas Gang Gummies


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Gas Gang Gummies 500mg

Gas Gang Gummies 500mg are THC-infused tasty treats ready to make you feel enjoyable.

Consuming cannabis was never this tasty or satisfying. Just take one piece of this Gummies 500mg and enjoy the effect that slowly takes you over and transports you to another world.


These delicious treats are becoming a mainstay in the cannabis community. They are popular and provide strong effects.

These Gummies not only taste great with a variety of flavours and different THC levels, but people can also use them for many medical purposes.

They are the perfect treat for marijuana users and have extensive recreational and medical benefits.

Gas Gang Gummies

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Blue Rashberry, Watermelon, Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Cherries, Sour Patch Kids, Mixed Gummies


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